Association les Militants des Savoirs (The Conveyors of Knowledge) - France

France Association Les Militants des Savoirs is a well-renowned association that aims to foster popular education, using academic knowledge to answer the pressing needs of the population. In the last years, this organisation has been involved in the development of tools to prevent digital violence and radicalisation, accounting for different and multiple partnerships, to act alongside local actors to educate families, citizens and youngsters on the risks of radicalisation and violent actions.

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Contact : Séraphin Alava

KMOP - Social Action and Innovation Centre - Greece

At KMOP, we believe that when education is successful, it enables individuals to not merely exercise their agency in participating in economic, civic, and humanistic activity but also, to re-shape it. On the mission to promote social progress through education, KMOP Education Hub has developed a range of educational programmes for individuals and businesses, helping them to navigate their social ecosystem towards achieving their goals and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Our educational programmes are expected to foster social progress through four different but interlinked purposes.

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IPS_Innovative Prison Systems - Portugal

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems is a boutique research and advisory firm specialising in the field of justice, prison services, community sanctions and measures, juvenile justice, and law enforcement.
IPS has been involved in more than 25 innovative projects with correctional services from different countries. These partnerships have resulted in unprecedented approaches to staff training and development (IPS has been awarded the ICPA, Excellence award for Staff Training in 2018).

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Contact : Margarida Damas - et Sarah Afonso -

Easi - European Association For Social Innovation - Romania

The EaSI is a European network driven by the motivation to promote social innovation among its members and other key stakeholders in the scope of finding new solutions for societal problems. EaSI's work focuses mainly on developing research and pilot projects, identifying and disseminating best practices, providing access to in-depth research on social innovation trends, and guiding the network members to become promoters of social innovation in 8 areas of interest.

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Contact : Elena Balan (Project Manager and Head of Research and Innovation)

HCHRS - Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia - Serbia

HCHRS was the first NGO to stand up for thousands of refugees at the time of disastrous wars in the territory of Yugoslavia and massive human rights violations in Serbia. Ever since and through hundreds of projects, refugees and minorities as well as other vulnerable groups (prisoners, PwMHDs, institutionalised persons) have remained in the focus of HCHRS. Presently, the Committee is mostly preoccupied with the global phenomenon of radicalisation/violent extremism and ongoing education outreach programs for the young.

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Contact : Ljiljana Palibrk

United for Intercultural Action - Hungary

UNITED for Intercultural Action is the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants, refugees and minorities. Together with over 560 supporter organisations all around Europe, ranging from local grassroots associations to national and international NGOs, UNITED coordinates campaigns, organises conferences, takes part in projects, produces publications and undertakes advocacy work to protest against discrimination and promote our shared vision for a diverse and inclusive society.

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Contact : Bálint Jósa, director

CCR - The Charity Centre for Refugees - Moldova, Republic Of

The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious and apolitical organisation created in November 1999. CCR’s mission is to facilitate the pre-integration of the asylum-seekers and integration of       refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection into the Moldovan society by conducting community-based activities, from emergency humanitarian response to ensuring their self-reliance through employment, education, and cultural mediation.

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Contact : Maria Pîslaraș, Fundraising and capacity building specialist,; Ahmad Djavid Paknehad, Director,; Olga Levcă, Public Information Officer,

UREP - União de Refugiados Em Portugal (Refugees Union in Portugal) - Portugal

The União de Refugiados Em Portugal (UREP) is a refugee-led organization founded in 2016 with the aims to promote the full integration, social inclusion and autonomy of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in Portugal and Europe. It engages with decision-makers, competent entities and other stakeholders to create opportunities to enhance integration processes through participatory initiatives, by collaborating with host institutions, municipalities, school systems, and promotes employment and entrepreneurial activities for its beneficiaries.

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Contact : Alexander Kpatue Kweh, Administrator and Project manager of UREP,

SWC - The School with Class Foundation (Fundacja Szkola Z Klasa) - Poland

The School with Class Foundation (SWC) is an expert Polish educational NGO with a mission to provide every child with a positive and meaningful educational experience, prepare pupils and students to deal with future challenges, to work together, build resilience, agency and responsibility.

SWC consistently runs comprehensive programs for schools, teachers and educators in the following areas: social awareness and engagement, inclusion, digital citizenship. mental health and wellbeing. SWC combines deep knowledge of newest pedagogical trends, insights from research with solutions from business to develop innovative educational approaches.

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Contact : General email:, Contact person: Katarzyna Gajewska